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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I agree strongly with Dediedre's comments on the unhelathy relationship between Bella and Edward. The film does start out hopefullly with Bella portrayed by a somewhat strong, independent "doesn't care if she fits in" kind of teenage girl. The movie makers have chosen intersting symbols: the pick up truck, her casual dress, her disinterested attitude in the social scenes around her. Her relationship with her parents displays her as a nontypical teen in her devotion to them without shame. Bella comes off as strong, kind, confident and comfortable in her own skin.
Then enters Edward, the antichrist of the strong independent woman. Edward looms about, allowing himself to see his sister's future happenings then reacting to them to save Bella from herself and her own decisions. Through his protection he engulfs Bella in complete control that is experienced by Bella as love.
What happened to all her strenghth and character. Did it mean mothing? Was it a facade of "getting along" until she was "saved"?. I think this comes eriely close to abusive/controlling relationships today and it worries me that this is what the media is offering to tweens and teens and adults as a love story.A girl is usually "groomed" for abuse in her upbringing, this is a confusing playout and I think it sends a message that : Yes, you ,too, strong young woman. You too can be loved (controlled) by a sexy pwerful (and dangerous) man. Then you will be complete." I still am shocked and disappointed that this is what Hollywood offers young girls, but, hey, the media is still a man's world until strong female writers, producers and directors are running the show.   

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  1. Your last comment is interesting...strong being the operative word, maybe?

    The books were written by a female, the screenplay was written by a female, the film was directed by a female, characters were casted by females, and it was edited by a female.

    Maybe this shows how much a 'man's world' it really is despite all this female involvement!