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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Linda Christensen: The Myths That Bind Us" Talking point #3

In Linda Chrsitiansen's piece "The Myths That Binds Us", Christiansen describes a "secret education" to young people instructing female children to react in submission to their male counterparts. Reference to Disney movies to make this point is strong and relevant. Diversity is depicted secondhand creating stereotypes. Theses stereotypes have become imbedded in our social picture. Unraveling these hidden meanings can be painful to some as youthful memories are often intertwined with media productions, as Disney films, and can be described as a dissection of dreams.
As a young mother I had been exposed to the women's movement in college and began looking for these hidden and sometimes blatant sexist stories. I filtered Grimm's Fairy Tales finding one horrible image of women after another. As my daughters got older I talked about these rhythms, stories and films to them and what was wrong with these depictions. Their eyes were alittle wider than mine going out into the world.

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  1. wow really like your blog on "The Myths That Bind Us" it is true media is a secert education . As, much people dont noticed it it really is. I also liked how you used Disney movies as an example because in these movies there are so much sterotypes going on and in reality is affecting the kids in our socitey.