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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Personal Note

My name is Mary Spyres. I am a School Nurse-Teacher in an inner city (Olneyville) elementary school in Providence. My "well population" of kids numbers over 400 and remembering all their names is difficult, largely due to their hispanic origins. Its important, and I try. I am a  health laison between these families and the system as so many do not have insurance. I provide health services and screenings directly to the students and I teach health courses. I finished my EdM in Health Education at RIC back in 2002, and, no we did not blog. I am held as a genius within my family because I can text to my kids and "no one else's mom can". So this class has revealed my weakness but will challenge me to grow new synapses, which I hear is a good thing at any age!

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