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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Final Presentation points: Teens and the Tatoo

I really like the idea of exploring Teens and Tatoos. I have gone from thinking they are such a bad idea that the kids will "SO" regret, to veiwing them as a cultural phenomeon. One interesting article:
which presents the ideas of  a teen's choice to get a tatoo as both struggling for identityand gaining a sense of control.  Safety issues, which reflect "risky behavior" is always an associated topic when talking about teens, and the article: covered ideas from health problems associated with teen tatooing to legislation introduced by Professional Peircers Organizations to control this aspect of the practice.
Parents outlook that beyond infections and regret,  tatooing may affect ways in which thier child may be viewed in their future by people who may have a very strong influence on their lives, potentail employers.
Do you refuse or allow permission?  I think teen tatooing is a very predominant choice in our culture and would be an interesting topic to present.

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  1. I say don't refuse leave it up to them but give your option and let them know that if you were in their position you would not do it. If you regret it completely they will do something way more drastic just because you would not allow them